How Ada purchased the Itel P37 smartphone.

On the 9th of June 2021, Ada worked into one of Mchris stores located at no. 847, Lagos-Abeokuta express way, Kola bus stop, Alagbado, Lagos state. She came with the motive of purchasing a quality phone for a pocket-friendly price. Ada was taken around the store and was introduced to the new Itel P37 smartphone. The first thing that captured her attention was the design. She requested to know more about the phone and of course, the features were explained thus:

 Firstly was the  Design of Itel p37

The device comes in a plastic build with a slim rounded design finishing, a frontal 6.5 inches screen that has a notch cut-out overhead, and also volume rockers with a power button on the right-hand side.

 Secondly was the Battery capacity

There’s always one unique feature about Itel products and that is the battery capacity. powering this device is a huge 5,000mAH non-removal battery to keep your device on throughout the day, and even more.

If you’re a business person who is always going from place to place or always making calls and transactions, you’d know how important it is to have a long-lasting battery. If not anything else, it promises you decent battery life.


Thirdly was the Storage of the phone

The Itel P37 is packed with an in-depth memory of 32GB ROM and 2GB RAM which gives you wide room to store all your photos, videos, apps, games, music, and more to build your archive and is also expandable to the memory size of your choice which is optional.

From our analysis, you can store over 5,000 documents in this smartphone without worries.

  1.  Fourthly was the Camera


    With this device, you get an 8MP AI dual camera, with a Quad-LED flash at the back, and it also comes with an “Automatic Control Tool” to help you adjust the camera parameters automatically based on the scene you’re shooting, and give you better outputs.

    And then we concluded with the summary

    If you’re a business person looking for a phone that won’t power off amid a serious business discussion, or someone looking to buy a durable android phone for a pocket-friendly price, here is a better choice for you.

    Not to forget that the smartphone runs on the android 10 version (GO edition).

    Ada, was impressed with the qualities Itel p37 possesses, requested for the price, and was amazed at the worth of the phone. She immediately made payment and was happy with our service. You too can get one of these smartphones for yourself when you visit any of our stores close to you or place an order online.

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